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Depression is a challenging mood disorder causing persistent feelings of sadness, guilt, and worthlessness, affecting over 260 million adults and teens worldwide. Based in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, and serving Midtown, Central Park South, the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side of New York City, Maggie Vaughan, MFT, PhD, and the team at Happy Apple provide evidence-based and personalized depression care. Call Happy Apple for depression evaluations and counseling, or book an appointment online today.

How does depression affect my day-to-day life?

Depression is a common mental health condition affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Characterized by unwavering low moods, depression can influence your feelings about yourself and prevent you from staying active and productive. 

Many symptoms can appear with depression in adults and teens, including:

  • Guilt
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Trouble enjoying activities
  • A loss of interest in your favorite subjects or hobbies
  • Appetite changes
  • Weight changes
  • Sleep changes
  • Thoughts of death or suicide

Depression doesn’t always look like sadness: You might feel empty, unmotivated, or worthless instead. The Happy Apple team evaluates your symptoms and can create a personalized care program to manage your depressive symptoms. 

Are there different types of depression?

Many people experience major depressive disorder, or depression, but there are a few other varieties of depression, too. The Happy Apple team can tell you which type you have and offers coping mechanisms that align with your needs. 

Some additional types of depression are:

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

SAD is a type of depression that tends to flare up when the seasons change, usually when it gets darker and colder outside in the fall and winter months. 

Adjustment disorder with depressed mood

Adjustment disorder with depressed mood occurs shortly after some stressor, such as a major life change or traumatic event. Even if a life change is largely positive, like moving or getting married, it can still trigger adjustment disorder in some people. 

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a long-lasting mood disorder that some new mothers develop after giving birth. 

How can I manage my depression?

The Happy Apple team specializes in depression treatment using coping mechanisms and therapeutic techniques based on scientific evidence. 

One technique routinely used for depression management in counseling is called cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps you meet your goals by teaching you to recognize and mindfully alter your thoughts, moods, and behaviors. 

In addition to therapy, some people benefit from taking antidepressants to manage depression. Antidepressants are medications that may improve the way your brain uses specific mood-determining chemicals and stress-related chemicals. 

To schedule an evaluation and treatment consultation for depression, call Happy Apple in New York City or book an appointment online today.