Is Online Therapy Effective? NYC Therapist Helps You Decide

Nov 02, 2023
Online Therapy

Is Online Therapy Effective? NYC Therapist Helps You Decide

Would you like to speak with a therapist but, given the current health crisis, you don’t want to leave your house? 

That is not a problem: you can connect with your mental health professional without leaving the comfort and safety of your home.

This system is quite simple: set up an appointment with your therapist but instead of showing up at her office, you can have an online session; there are several privacy protected (HIPAA-compliant) software platforms that are easy to use.

This type of “distance therapy” offers quite a few advantages, and not only during the coronavirus pandemic. It is also a great “anytime” alternative for anyone who can’t leave the house for whatever reason — an  illness, physical limitations, or inconvenience of traveling to the therapist’s office.

There are also certain conditions that may prevent patients from comfortably and confidently venturing outside their homes, including agoraphobia and severe anxiety.

Whatever the reason for not wanting to leave the house, speaking with a therapist you like and trust online is an effective alternative for many people with a variety of mental health issues.

You might be wondering whether this type of treatment is as effective as the more traditional model of face-to-face interaction?

Studies carried out in the past several years indicate that online treatment can be just as beneficial for many mental health issues — and in certain cases, it can even be more productive than in-person sessions.

There is even some evidence that online sessions have the added benefit of not being canceled as often as face-to-face meetings. That’s because patients know they don’t have to get dressed and commute to their appointments, especially in bad weather.

So how do you decide what works best for you?

Ask yourself:


·      Do I prefer the in-person dialogue with a health professional, or am I more comfortable speaking to a therapist online?

·      Is it a hassle for me to physically get to my appointments on time?

·      Am I confident about using computers and all other digital technology needed for online therapy?

·      Do I have a strong  internet connection, as well as a quiet, private area in which I feel safe to talk openly?

If you are uncertain about what is the best option for you, ask your health care professional. Together, you can figure out the best approach to your therapy.