How To Find An Excellent Therapist At Reduced Rates

Nov 02, 2023
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How To Find An Excellent Therapist At Reduced Rates

Do you feel that you could benefit from mental health therapy but just can’t afford it? 

If so, you are not alone.

According to Mental Health America, 56 percent of adults in the United States who have mental health issues don’t receive any treatment. One of the main reasons for this lack of care is that the health care system in this country doesn’t treat mental health as comprehensively as it does physical illness.

As a result, much-needed therapy sessions must be paid out of pocket, which is a considerable financial burden for many people.

This fact is mentioned in another report, America’s Mental Health, which found that 42 percent of the population saw cost and poor insurance coverage as the top barriers for accessing mental health care. One in four Americans reported having to choose between getting mental health treatment and paying for daily necessities.

But as unfortunate as this situation is, it doesn’t mean that those who need mental help should forego treatment altogether.

That’s because many therapists reserve reduced-fee slots for clients who can’t afford their standard fee.  And don’t automatically assume that lower-fee therapists are less qualified than their full-price counterparts. There are some excellent therapists in our city who don’t charge exorbitant rates.

If you do your research well, you can find professionals willing to offer sliding-scale fees based on a customer's ability to pay.

There are several ways to find such a therapist.

·      If you know and like a specific mental health professional, ask them directly whether they offer a sliding scale. If they don't, or if their reduced-fee slots are full, ask if they can refer you to another reduced-fee practitioner.  Often therapists refer to those who share a similar approach or theoretical orientation.  

·      Seek out a group therapy practice or therapy center.  Group practices tend to be more community-oriented than individual practices, offering social services, such as support groups and greater flexibility in pricing.  Search terms might be “therapy center” or “counseling center” or “therapy group.”

·      Conduct a search on a therapy referral site using cost filters. In particular, take a look at the therapist’s education and experience. Finally, conduct an online search to see if you can find client reviews.  

The important thing is not to give up. Be your own advocate because nobody cares about your health — physical or mental — as much as you do.

Your mental wellbeing is too important not to give it your all.