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Online therapy

Online therapy (also known as teletherapy, online counseling, and virtual therapy) makes it easy to initiate therapy and attend sessions consistently. Research shows that teletherapy can be as effective as in-office therapy. 

Online Therapy is Easy and Convenient!
It seems like an oxymoron, online therapy. Doesn’t the lack of face-to-face, in-person counseling seem like it defeats the purpose of therapy? It certainly doesn’t have to. And, online therapy in video sessions doesn’t require any fancy equipment. No special software is needed – you’ll just need a camera and reliable internet connection. Clients merely click on a link provided by their therapist to be taken to their appointment.

Here are a few benefits of teletherapy:


Needless to say, online sessions are more accessible, particularly for those who live a far distance from their preferred therapist.  


Teletherapy saves time, making it easier to squeeze in appointments between home and work demands. 

Unexpected obstacles

Video therapy is a handy option if you can’t make an office appointment for any reason, such as illness or bad weather conditions.  


Some clients simply prefer being able to see their therapist from the comfort of their home.


Although unlikely, it is possible for clients to bump into acquaintances on their way in or out of appointments. Online therapy eliminates this risk altogether. 

Easier scheduling

Therapists can offer more appointment times when virtual therapy is an option, since they don’t need to be in their office for sessions. 

Crisis counseling

In times of crisis, online therapy is sometimes one’s only option for professional mental healthcare. At such times, when you need support most, circumstances might make it impossible to attend in-person appointments.  

Ease of entry

For clients who are considering therapy and wish for an easy way to conduct an initial consultation, online therapy is a convenient option.

How well does online therapy work?    
Most studies show that it works just as well as in-person therapy. For instance, one study of clients receiving online therapy to address parenting concerns, work stress, marriage struggles, anxiety, or depression showed that they were as happy with online therapy sessions as those who attended face-to-face appointments. In fact, they reported as much satisfaction with the comfort level they felt with their therapists, as well as with therapist skills and experience as those who saw their therapists in person. 

Worried about confidentiality in online counseling or video sessions?   
Ethically and legally, therapists must maintain privacy and confidentiality just as they would for in-person sessions. In fact, they are legally prohibited from recording or sharing sessions, unless provided consent to do so by the client. Therapists at Happy Apple use an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant platform to guarantee confidential, private appointments.